American media sells out your rights

MSNBC – FBI seeks expanded search powers

Yes, this article is pretty even handed. That’s the problem. Where is the scrutiny of the government’s representations? Where is the jaundiced eye, treating government as worthy of contempt and unworthy of blind trust? Oh. it hasn’t been used THAT MUCH? Oh, OK.

This is comforting, as well:

Gonzales already has agreed to two minor changes to the provision, andwas expected to support giving someone who receives a secret warrant under the provision the right to consult a lawyer and challenge the warrant in court. He was expected to also back slightly tightening the standard for issuing subpoenas.

Right to challenge a warrant is minor? Right to counsel is minor? Slightly tightening the standard for issuing a subpoena? From the current “anything goes” standard? Don’t do us no favors, you fascist sackrider.

Let’s make a pact, readers. Vote out everyone now in the federal government, regardless of party. (Yes, even Hillary and McCain.) If you can’t cross party lines, support the primary challenger. If you can cross party lines, do that if primary challenges fail (or fail to materialize). The government will be fine, because 2/3 of the senate will remain in place – it will take 6 year to clean it up. Bush is a lame duck. The House is designed for wholesale changes in membership every 2 years.  None of these f***wads deserves it any longer. Kick ’em all to the curb. the dedicated ones will come back and earn your vote. The garbage will move on to used car sales.

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