Discount Tire goes D-ooh!

7 months ago, I got some of these

2005 Toyota Corolla S
Celica Rims

Simple enough so far, right? The wheels come with these

Lug Nuts

These are 50% longer than the stock lug nuts, because the holes are different (deeper) than on the stock steel wheels..

Me: Here are the lug nuts that you must use with these wheels.
Discount Tire dude
: Oh, OK. Thanks.

Today I go in for a rotation.

Discount tire dude: Uh, are these the original wheels?
Me: No, you put these on in September.

DTD: Uh, do you have the lug nuts for these wheels?
: No, I gave them to you in September?
: Uh, could they be in your trunk? Do you want to take a look?
: Wait a second while I unroll my eyes from the back of my head.
: Did you have these installed at this store?
: [head explodes]

Anyway, the braniac installer from September forgot about using the right lug nuts as soon as he turned around, and they reused the stock ones.

Apparently this is an obvious fuck up (at least to a seasoned installer), although the guy who re-torqued my nuts in September (no, not Michael Jackson) also didn’t catch it.

Discount Tire recognized the problem and fixed it. They hooked me up with the right sized lugnuts at lunch. No yelling, No getting in anyone’s faces. No give us $ to fix it. Just *we want to make this right.* And they did, as far as I can tell. (I have no idea what 5600 miles with undersized nuts might do to a car)

So, they keep a customer.

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