I see dead people

Bush, Clinton differ on pope’s legacy

Associated Press

Apr. 8, 2005 11:00 AM

ABOARD AIR FORCE ONE – President Bush on Friday said that attending the funeral of Pope John Paul II was “one of the highlights of my presidency”

Win or buy office  Рcheck

Tax cuts for my homies/fuck poorpeople – check

Make Saddam my bitch – check

Power grab – check

Esky-moo oil  Рcheck

See a dead guy – check – check – check – check – check W00-hoo!!!

…and made clear that he disagrees with former President Clinton’s assessment that the pontiff leaves a mixed legacy.

I think John Paul II will have a clear legacy of peace, compassion and a strong legacy of setting a clear moral tone,” Bush told reporters on Air Force One as he flew from Rome to the United States just hours after the funeral. He said he wanted to amend his remarks to add the word “excellent.”

“It was a strong legacy,” the president said. “I wanted to make sure there was a proper adjective to the legacy he left behind, not just the word clear.”

Clearly, our excellent president was clear on the clear and strong legacy of the most excellent pope

Ted “Theodore” Logan, etymological consultant to the President

4 thoughts on “I see dead people

  1. I think that they all should have gone. Cutting out Carter was zero class. I don’t buy the “we can only bring five” story.

  2. Uh, OK. Thanks. I think.
    We disagree on Schiavo, and probably on euthanasia. In my book, the owner gets the last word. The pope got it right in his own case – “it’s time to go, no more hospitals.”
    That first poll link was political pandering of the worst kind, so I stopped reading. I’ll do my own shameless pandering, TYVM.

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