Reality TV

Survivor – I fucking hate Koror. They all need to contract malaria. Gloaty ass fucktards. This show is actually interesting, in an *I fucking hate 8 on 1 action that does not involve me and 8 pornstar hotties* sort of way. Ulong is like a roadside LAPD beatdown- can’t turn away, can’t shoot the pricks putting the hurt on.

Apprentice – Also interesting in a “despite the presence of the Donald” way. I hope the guys (angry Chris, metro Alex and porn-addicted Bren) win the car thing next week, featuring a Pontiac Solstice or the Saturn knockoff. Otherwise, they must turn in their man cards. Then, they should all get Subway mugged except for Tana.

American Idol – Man – I hate this show and everyone on it. The contestants fall into three categoiries for me: Hate (2 long haired hippies), hate x 11ty billion (Scott “Grossberger” Savant and Aiken-y Federov, Nadia, Anwar) and *ILF* (other 2 femmes). So, I am rooting for vote offs that accomodate my impeccable tastes.

The rest of reality TV – utter suckage, although I have not watched the Captain Kirk pwns Iowa show on Spike.
Tivo is the only way to watch this shit.

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