School to pay students for tips on campus crime

Any particular reason you are driving 56 in a 55, boy?

Narcing for dollars is the new hotness…

School to pay students for tips on campus crime
Associated Press
Apr. 11, 2005 07:30 AM

ROME, Ga. – A high school is looking for a few good snitches. Using revenue from its candy and soda sales, Model High School plans to pay up to $100 for information about thefts and drug or gun possession on campus.

“It’s not that we feel there are any problems here,” said Principal Glenn White. “It’s a proactive move for getting information that will help deter any sort of illegal activity.”

Under the new policy, a student would receive $10 for information about a theft on campus, $25 or $50 for information about drug possession, and $100 for information about gun possession or other serious felonies.

Informants will not receive the reward if they are involved in the crime, White said.

Luckily, narcing for $ is not the old hotness.Hypothetically…

1, 2, 3, maybe 4 of those one things – $40

Bar in a HS locker – $25

Smokes – $25

Hours of work at BK to earn $90 – 35 hours 42 minutes 51 seconds.

Not being sold out by your pals – priceless

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