In comparison, I don’t look so bad

Dear Gewgle:

Remember me? Remember when you told me I wasn’t finished, and I said, “duh, look at the site”? And then you did, and said “inappropriate language“? Well, compared to Deadwood, I am the g**d***ed flying nun. Deadwood says f*** about 2 times a minute, on average. As a teenager, I could f*** at a rate of 2 x a minute, as long as the race was only a minute or two, but these f***ers go on for an hour. Since only 5%  of my articles, including this one, drop actual f-bombs, let’s just move the f*** on, to the part where I whore myself and you reward me with pennies, shall we?



P.S. Fuck it. I don’t want your goddamned money if it isn’t free, you fucking googly-ass fuckers. Or fucking googly ass-fuckers. Whichever.

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