Holster that snake

Alice Cooper with the the 30 foot anaconda called to say the snake didn’t die. So, that bitch gets penned up for 5-7 YEARS. Yay for me. I think I will wait 8+ for the next deathmatch with that mofo, to toast the new sock decade of weirdness that will spawn at about the same time.

3 thoughts on “Holster that snake

  1. So was that the full knock-me-out anaconda, or did you get the make-sure-I’m-concious torture? Unfortunately, I should probably be seeing my own Alice one of these days. I think he has a python. Hopefully he’ll use some zombie mojo and then bring me back to life when it’s over.

  2. both times were the full *Union of the Snake* treatment (if I may mix shitty rocker metaphors). Man, if some slithery reptile has your name on it, you might as well look around the next corner while you’re there.
    I will tell you that the ordinary mojo does not prevent you from perceiving the visceral particulars at times, but it’s mostly very detached. Unlike the snake.

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