Spied in Phoenix

3 thoughts on “Spied in Phoenix

  1. Evolution of the Festiva? So was it actually being driven? Maybe MB was doing hot weather testing in advance of perhaps possibly considering bringing it here. Nah, too much to hope for.

    When we were in England last December we saw quite a few of these. The kids made a game out of trying to spot them. Someone saw one of those meter maid carts and said, “Look, a Brilliant Car!” Rita would have been so proud.

  2. I thought it was a mule because of the wacky 2-tone paint, but then I saw the C/D article. May have been a tester; may have come from Mexico. Mexico has weird cars.
    I understand Rita. I spent 10 minutes googling “brilliant car” looking for some sort of Adams or Python hook. Then I remembered the brand name (SMART). D-ooh!

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