Friday “up yours”

Enragement level 50%

Big sticks to shove (as of about 8:00 this morning) to:

  • Those f***ing Koror f***ers for booting Steff. Now I am left rooting for the blond hottie, except that I don’t care.
  • That stupid beotch in the Highlander talking on the phone on the interstate at 70 mph. But only because providence intervened to keep her from having a 90,000 lb. semi rammed up her ass when she cut in front and slammed on the brakes.
  • Work, because a 3:00 teleconference is preventing me from sneaking out to see HHGG.
  • The Shield, for making me wait a week between episodes.
  • W, for sounding more and more like the whiny defensive caricature on SNL every day.
  • My dog for escaping and not f***ing coming back. The one day everybody is up early and that stupid bitch runs around until the bus is long gone.


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