Mostly Harmless

Don't Panic

Stay for the bonus after the end version of the so long song during the end credits. Seriously.

In a triumph of improbability, they pulled it off. Great movie. A classic story of star-crossed lovers. Well, not really. Plus the usual hyper intelligent mice, and a two headed guy Zaphod (Sam Rockwell) who played Guy Fleegman/Security Chief ‘Roc’ Ingersol on Galaxy Quest

I won’t spoil the treatment by explaining the details. Here is a review. On a scale of Dune to LOTR (utter, repellant putrid shitpile to worthy interpretation), this is way closer to LOTR. Characters were spot on. Story made sense, and felt true to the spirit. Dialogue was a little short on the humour of the book. If you’re not humming the *so long* song on your way out the theater, you have no soul. Or need some tea. Or a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster.

Music: The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Original Soundtrack

5 thoughts on “Mostly Harmless

  1. Finally got to see it this evening – most enjoyable. despite my fears after seeing the trailers and the web site, it was almost entirely true to the spirit of the book(s). I’m sure Douglas Adams is resting peacefully.
    For once I hope there’s a sequel.

  2. I am pleased.
    Better to leave wanting more than run screaming into the night holding back the screaming pukes as you wonder WTFFFityFF was THAT POS I just blew $8 on? But enough about Dune already.

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