How Geek I Am…

What Kind of Geek are You? Name DOB Favourite Color Your IQ is frighteningly high You are a computer geek Your strength is you can see in the dark Your weakness is alcohol You think normal people are interesting Normal people think that you are disturbed This cool quiz by owlsamantha – Taken 217292 Times. […]

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Copygodd must love this

  I suppose I have to talk nice about the Browns now.Naaah. But they picked a good one, and I wish him individual success, at least. Gotta make those Bentley payments somehow.. More importantly, he didn’t fall to Chicago, career graveyard of talented receivers and Michigan players. Browns pick Michigan’s Braylon Edwards at No. 3

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Broncos draft Clarett at end of third round No, this won’t be a disaster.  He’ll be another Portis. *rolleyes*

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On the Road Again

More stupid college/ frat shit (mostly) A. It’s winter. Everything is covered in snow. Not the big fluffy, flaky stuff. The cold, hard, crystallized snow, that crunches like little ice cubes under your feet. What to do on a snowy night? Kegger! Drive Tom and the other, other Tom to a bash they know about […]

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Holster that snake

Alice Cooper with the the 30 foot anaconda called to say the snake didn’t die. So, that bitch gets penned up for 5-7 YEARS. Yay for me. I think I will wait 8+ for the next deathmatch with that mofo, to toast the new sock decade of weirdness that will spawn at about the same […]

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What if one is a member of the Screaming Church of the Epileptic Jesus? Woman fired over eyebrow ring sues on religious grounds Associated PressApr. 20, 2005 09:05 AM WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. – A woman who  was fired by Costco in 2001 for refusing to remove her eyebrow ring has accused the company of religious […]

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Happy Finish?

She asked me to undress and lie on her table. Her hands were all over my back and chest. Her deep penetrating stare held me entranced while she worked her magic. Then, near the end of our time together, she slipped her hand under the towel over my waist and took hold of…

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