God Hates Fakes

The Traditional Values Coalition (a real group of anti-freedom religious zealots) struck back strongly today against its pretend enemy, the Coalition for Traditional Values. “We will kick the ass of our imaginary enemies in the name of Jesus,” said TVC Chairman Rev. Louis P. Sheldon.

Conservative Critics of First Lady’s Comedy Act Decry ‘Hoax’ Smear

You know, I read the fake outrage about Laura Bush’s horsewanking comedy routine and never once thought about the TVC. Now that I read their manifesto, I have to go wash the ayatollah stink from my eyeballs. Can you say *Falwell Taliban*?Their lies are painted as, *we’re not screwing with the liberty of anyone else, we are just voicing our opinion that the government should get medieval on the citizens of this country, in every sense. The Bible says its A-ok to protest the sin.*Nowhere do the explain how sending a man to be assraped by another man (two things they’re strongly against) in prison (which they lurve) for a bag of weed (one thing they’re strongly against) makes any sense. Isn’t it compounding the sin? Ought they not be working on redemption and forgiveness?

What did I fail to infer from the whole forgive/judge not/ turn the other cheek lessons I learned in church?

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