Palpatine Maroulis

after prolonged eye-f***ing the TV camera

Just me rambling on reality trash teevee…┬áMan, I slay me sometimes.

Anyway, the benevolent gods of American Idol banned Clay Diva Aiken from my teevee this week. Then they sent Scotty Grossberger (from Stir Crazy) straight to the gaping mouth of hell back to Lewserville, OH. Thank you. Idol still sucks ass.

Tonight: Rooting for a hurricane to sweep all those Koror fuckers into the ocean. Except for the blond, who should only lose her clothes.

On the Apprentice, disgruntled AI reject Scott Grossberger Savol flies to NY and shivs the last 3 contestants. Plus Trump. “You shoulda never dissed me, Cowell. See what you made me do?”

[/reality show violence daydream]

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