Happy Finish epilogue

Use the force, Luke…

I spoke with Dr. No Happy Finish‘s office. It’s been two weeks since the most humiliating barrage of tests imaginable. At least this side of prisoner cavity searches or having an audience for any below the belt procedure.

Anyway, Dr. NHF said the test results were normal and thinks there was just a minor unexplained tremor in The Force. Basking in the comfort and security of this diagnosis, I said, *that’s bullshit, because of this, that and the other thing.* She said *STFU, you punkass beotch. Save yer whining for the follow up appointment in August.

* 2009.*

Good thing she’s hot. In the meantime, I will guilt the wifey into some *self help.* [Ed: as if that would ever work: rolleyes:] Or wait patiently for my client to reopen la barra de mujeres.

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