Investigative Journalism at Its Finest

God, I f***ing can’t stand the sight of that Clay Eye for the Straight Guy dude.  Does it show?

So there’s this whole American Karaoke Idol *scandal* where maybe Paula Abdul rode some goof contestant like it was Urban Cowboy night at the Betty Ford clinic. CBS, the last bastion of incisive, objective investigative journalism jumped immediately into the fray. *We will cut right to the heart of the matter. Did Paula fuck a bunch of male contestants?*

So, they “interviewed” Clay “Women? Ewww!” Aiken a while ago.

Today, they showed the same f***ing interview, as if it were a new bit of news.

Gee. Clay was unaware of man-woman sex occurring while on Idol. Clay cannot imagine man woman sex occurring period. My shock and disbelief spans time and space.

Remedial Journalism Lesson for today: Use relevant, knowledgeable sources. What does Barney Fife know about securities fraud? What does Laura Bush know about horse wanking. Apparently a lot, so that is a bad example. Anyway, stick to asking Clay about roman gladiator movies. Ask Palpatine Maroulis or his 2003 AI contemporary about the women.

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