F*** Yeah – Expletive gets through on ‘SNL’

Expletive gets through on ‘SNL’
NEW YORK (AP) — NBC censors caught thefive planned expletives in rock band System of a Down’s “Saturday Night Live” performance — but a sixth, unscripted swear word slipped through. Toward the end of the band’s performance of “BYOB” on Saturday, the camera caught guitarist Daron Malakian screaming out an expletive. NBC said it had asked the band to remove the swear words in their lyrics, but the band refused. Network censors eliminated the audio when the expected expletives were said. The unscripted swear word, heard on the
live East Coast telecast, was edited out for other broadcasts, NBC said…

¬†Oops – now you went and lied, NBC. I heard it on the west(ish) coast. Do you think those FCC fuckers will forgive you if you pretend you fixed it right away? What a great opportunity to stand up to the asshole censors. But no-o-o-o-o-o-o-o ……..

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