I had an interesting STFU picture up, courtesy of the nice folks at Except that they’re pissy little wannabe asslickers living over their parents’ garage and fapping to Faces of Death and Army hygiene manuals. Yeah, I should have asked to borrow it. I would like to buy a vowel is now deleted Rather than replacing the picture with something innocuous like an intentional red x or better yet NOTHING to communicate this, these coprophagic submissives replaced it with OMFG you don’t want to know. I hope no kids saw it. Apparently its a bunch of self portraits. Goatse, loathsome diseases and other barf worthy shit, plus actual shit and an Oompaloompa. Everything a bloated, unemployed 30 year old virgin h4x0r could ever want in a date, apparently It’s here, but (unless they put the original back) I’m warning you, some things you can’t unsee. Think on Red Bull.

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