Bushfish.org part 3

Play nice people. Use the website email or send a letter to the company to express your concern. Guessing the dude’s personal email is creepy and obsessive, and getting it wrong is just doubleplus uncool.

Gentlemen-About 5 days ago I started receiving a steady stream of hate email from people who think I’m a christian extremist. This is strange since I’m a dyed in the wool liberal.As it turns out (according to a few rational ones who returned my emails), most of these people are claiming to have found my name on one of two sites. Your’s is one of them. I found it on Google today at [this link] Evidently they are guessing incorrectly at Mr. ******’s email address and coming up with mine instead. Some of these emails are terribly troubling and hurtful, and my partner has suggested that we forward some of them on to the FBI as most quite clearly are threatening our safety. Before I give Shrub’s administration yet another frivolous reason to exploit/promote the Patriot Act, I’d like to see if we can deal with this one ourselves.

Could you please help me out an end to this by removing our common name from your blog? The other site has already done so. After five days of harrassment, I’m getting very tired and very afraid. I hope we can work together on this.


Some guy with the same name as the bushfish.org head koolaid drinker

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