Stupid S*** at the Kwik-E-Mart

Four quick hits on pollution in the gene pool…

  1. At the Kwik -e-mart across the street:  Morton Tomato Sauce with Meat Loaf TV dinner. Think about it.
  2. PI lawyer accident checklist at the gas pumps. Actually, a good marketing idea, since everybody who does this or this and walks away ends up in their parking lot to talk to the cops.
  3. At Circle K – Michelob in aluminum bottles

Our new aluminum bottles gives consumers what they want — cool packaging to complement their image and style. This sleek and sophisticated bottle fills the need for beer drinkers in certain settings like upscale bars and clubs.

Rick Leininger,director, Michelob Brands, Anheuser-Busch, Inc.

STFU and give me a longneck glass bottle like Magnum PI drinks.

4.  Stupidest Escalade ever. Sorry, no camera. This POS had a tinted windshield. Not the blue green tint from the factory, the 65-80% opacity black/grey window film. I couldn’t see the driver or out the back window, which you can do through the windshield of car with the rest of the windows tinted. I am in favor of people indulging their own stupidity, but jeebus! Our street lights are for shit out here to begin with and this fuckhead wants to make it less possible to see who or what is in front of him?

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