“Sexual Chaos”

We are doomed. DOOMED, I tell you, if we let the damn homos get married. They want daisy chain group marriages full of evil pornoriffic deviance, and interspecies marriage. Their entire goal is to destroy heterosexual marriage and the missionary position.Tell Congress to tell the ho-mo-sexuals to shove it up their ass like everything else. We need a bible marriage amendment so that only heterosexual couples can have sex in a godly position in a TBN sanctified marriage. Burn everbody else like the witches and heretics they are. RAAAR!!!

D. James Kennedy
(slightly paraphrased)

Dear “Doctor” Kennedy:

Shut the fuck up, you hateful, ignorant, partisan piece of shit. The group marriage weirdos don’t speak for the gay couples I know any more than your evil, militant witchhunting Jesus resembles the Jesus of the actual bible. You know, the one who was above politics. The *reach out to the poor and afflicted with kindness and hope* Jesus, not the *crush the nonconformist and nonbelievers* Jesus, packing an AK-47 to inflict holy justice on the wicked.

Anyway, the gay marriage people just want to make stronger commitments to each other. They’re not recruiting. Unlike the Klan, the skinheadz or, well, YOU. I have yet to hear any cogent reason why that is wrong that doesn’t involve you inflicting a godly burning at the stake. Or some far-fetched conspiracy about how the *fags* have taken over Saturday morning TV.

I know Jesus gets a little pissy around the Revelations-era end times. I don’t recall where he outsourced the job to you, or invited a posse of self proclaimed church *leaders* to join him in that. I do recall that the only other time Jesus got all pissed is when charlatans like you turned the church into a mall. Not to point any fingers, because your sin is not for me to judge. (Sound familiar? Doubt it.)

My advice to you is to do your goddamned job – ministering. Stop shilling for George W, get your ass down from that towering pulpit and spread some joy and hope to the poor and homeless. You know, those bastards who *clutter your drive to the studio with their inelegance,* you fucking ungodly prick.


Pernicious evildoers everywhere

One thought on ““Sexual Chaos”

  1. Now I respect the police for doing their job and keeping the streets safe…but when they are just straight going after homosexuals like myself i have a really big problem with it… i watched one of my really good friends have to crawl around in the mud because they said they were gonna take his “faggot ass to jail” if he didn’t cooperate and crawl around for them…just because he was being responsible and walking home from the bar instead of driving… i think the WMU police are the worst police force i have ever seen because of the way they treat people that are different from them… I seriously wanna press charges against the police after witnessing this…we have about 8 ppl that saw this happen, and i wonder if i should really take this up against the entire police force because of the actions of a few which could easily be pointed out in a line up.

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