Fake trailwear for fake offroaders…

FUH2 got you down?  Does no one respect your giant hulking mall-crawler because, well, that is all you ever use it for?  Never again.

Now you can sell the *I actually need the military inspired, slightly actual offroad abilities of this lummox to fight terrorism and to catch some carp, dammit* line of bullshit you told yourself to rationalize the purchase of your 9 mpg brick of shit.

Sprayonmud Products

Sprayonmud is a specially formulated spray-on product for anyone that wants to give friends, neighbours, colleagues or just anyone at all, the impression that they have been off-road or, at the very least, out in the country for the weekend. If you’ve got a 4X4 or off-roader, Sprayonmud will send a message to anyone who disapproves or is just plain envious %u2013 you use your off-roader, off the road as well as on it.

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