F***ing Nanny State

Survey: Most states allow 5-10 mph speeding cushion for motorists

Authorities patrolling U.S. highways tend to give motorists a cushion of up to 10 miles per hour above the speed limit before pulling them over, says a survey by a group of state traffic safety officials.This practice creates an unsafe comfort level at high speeds and is a potential safety hazard, according to the report being released Monday by the Governors Highway Safety Association. The group found that 42 states allow drivers to regularly exceed the speed limit before they are stopped.

No. Bullshit. This is nanny state and revenue enhancement, plain and simple.

A ticket for 66 in a 65 is all about the $, nothing more. Doing 75 in a 65 is not unsafe if everybody is doing it. Doing 65 in a 65 is potentially unsafe if everyone else is doing 75.

Furthermore, cops, as a practical matter, have to give a little fudge room, because speedometers are not exact. Plus, boneheads like me sometimes do silly stuff. For example, my swapped tires on the Corolla throw my speedometer off by (0.27) mph at 65. NBFD. OTOH, my Jeep was off by > 6 mph on the high side. Whoops. Sorry, officer.

Most criminal statutes have a bullshit generalized intent requirement, i.e., *did you intend to be driving your Jeep*, not *did you intend to violate all that is good and holy by flouting the posted limit on that sign hidden behind the tree.*

So, you can be inadvertently fucked even if you didn’t mean to screw up. Like if Mrs. were ever allowed to drive my Jeep, since she never pays attention to stuff like wheel size.

Fortunately, most cops have better things to do than write BS tickets, and understaffing sort of perpetuates the prioritizing of actual danger or damage over some impotent handwringer’s *potential* danger. Cops don’t want to come to court over a 2 mph ticket. Judges don’t want to waste their fucking time on the equivalent of a parking ticket. As long as you don’t screw up the flow – make people hit their brakes or swerve or say *WTF is that asshole’s problem,* you can get away with driving swiftly but safely, two concepts that are NOT mutually exclusive.

Hopefully this bullshit blows over.

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