Easy Rider – 1973 Honda CB350

1973 Honda CB350
Swap a luggage rack for the crash bars (so I can carry beer) and rusty pipes and it’s me!

For some reason, I think there was a crash that messed up the headlight and god knows what else, but I don’t remember. I know the one about the train tracks and the oil pan. And the Hammond Lake off-roading gone awry. And other near-death experiences. I just can’t put my finger on this potential crash, now that the pic evoked this *memory*.

Maybe I am thinking of the damage to Tom Lekander’s POS bike in the frat house garage and some Midnight Auto Supply excursions there…

14 thoughts on “Easy Rider – 1973 Honda CB350

  1. I have a vague recollection of a shunt near a gas station – maybe the one on Oakland next to Bacchus. I’m not even sure if I was there or not, but it seems like Phid was involved.
    Could be wrong.

  2. AHA! I remember (sort of) breaking the faceplate on an orange (?) helmet I was borrowing, before I got my Kiwi. As a cheap and thoughtless asshole at the time (ask anyone), I think I did not pay to replace it. I sucked.
    It seems to me that there was a gravel or parking curb induced wipeout at that gas station, and that Pod’s dad was an incidental witness. I don’t know if the headlight scenario and this wipeout are the same incident, but I think the wipeout and the helmet are the same.

  3. The gas station incident is not in my immediate recollection. Perhaps a few buzz units would jar my memory. I do however recal a time when we lived on Walnut that somebody tipped over a row of our motorcycles like dominos. I’m not sure if the old 350 was involved.
    PS I did own an orange open face helmet that garnered a good crack at some point.

  4. What are you talking about?
    Or, if you want a truthful answer, I changed it last week, just to see if you’d notice. All has been made right and you are Phid again.
    BTW, in the reality based world, you’ve always been Mr. Superlative.

  5. I think I just heard about Suzuki dominoes. I swear it wasn’t me.
    Drop by and I will supply you with as many buzz units as it takes to jog your memory…

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