The Devil hearts Hillary

Reaction to news that the Devil loves Hillary was swift and sure

I knew it. I just fucking knew it.

Oxycontin spokesmodel Rush Limbaugh

That bitch cut in front of me. Shit. KAAAARRRLLL?!

Rudy Giuliani, at the hair club for men

G**d***ed copycat.



Get me Baal. And Mephisto. That prick Lucifer fucking switched sides? On holiday in Iraq? WTF? Fine, fucking get me Dobson and Falwell.

Karl Rove, after hearing the news

Devil Endorses Hillary Clinton’s 08 Presidential Bid


NEW YORK, NY – New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s anticipated run for the presidency in 2008 got a major boost yesterday when she received the first major endorsement of the political season: from the Devil. News of the endorsement became known last night when the Devil phoned into the late-night radio program of the Fox News’ Alan Colmes to announce his decision.This is the first time that the Devil has officially endorsed a candidate, although he is believed to have played a behind-the-scenes role in several earlier races including Richard M. Nixon’s campaign for re-election in 1972, the lopsided contest between Walter “Fritz” Mondale and Ronald Reagan in 1984, and the 2002 run for Congress by Florida’s Katherine Harris. No announcement has been made on whether Ms. Harris will again receive Satanic support when she runs for Senate in 2006.

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