Hello? Is there anybody in there?

Just nod if you can hear me, Elysa Gardner, USA TODAY…

Dear Elysa Gardner, USA TODAY:

This is not your finest hour of journalism. Especially this part:

Out of place:

Pink Floyd’s much-heralded “reunion” was lackluster. Classic-rock tunes that sound dreamy on record seemed downright sleepy in performance.

Did you listen to the band? Did you listen to or watch the audience. Your fellow reporters saved “out of place” for acts that sucked or did not engage the audience. (Mariah Carey fills that bill at Hyde Park for shilling her new single – she was fucking booed. Is that clear enough for you?!). The audience was entranced by the Floyd reunion. Sometimes a moment is subtle. Sometimes it’s flipping obvious, like everyone bouncing up and down with REM one minute, and swaying in time the next.

Stick to calling awards about which no one gives a shit. You obviously left home without your box of clues. The only redeeming quality about your missive is that you didn’t wet yourself over Paul McCartney’s self important oldies fest.

(No. Not really.)

The pissed off Sock

Think I am full of shit? Judge for yourself:

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