Live 8 redux

is live on MTV right now. No commercials. No vapid mtv “personalities.” In four hours it switches to VH1, so there is time to catch floyd again, UNINTERRUPTED.


(they are cutting songs, like playing only 2 from Annie Lennox and only one from Will Smith but they don’t seem to be screwing with the “bigger” acts. So far.)

Edit: VH1 is first, then MTV

Where the hell is R.E.M.? They were skipped, because they’re showing the evening shows in London right now, with no sign of R.E.M. They and the Floyd are the main reason I am sitting through this again. RAAAR!!!

Edit: R.E.M. is in the MTV  version only. Odd. I guess it’s a balance thing. Otherwise, I would think VH1 was a better fit.

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