Things My Dad Was Wrong About, Part 612

Thanks, Dad. Now I am a felon.

Dad: When you need your water shut off, you just go to that valve in the front yard with a water key.
Wow, Dad, This was really helpful for changing out this and that plumbing stuff that nobody wants to hear about.

Wifey: I bought a bunch of new faucets for that leaky one in the back yard. Fix it.
Let me just turn that there valve again and —


Idiot: Uh oh

Idiot (this morning): Do I need to fix the valve in my yard or do you people do that?
Water Lady
: WTF?!?!?!?! You touched our meter?
: No, the valve next to the meter.
Water Lady
: That counts as our meter, dipshit.
: But, your muzak message even says I need to know where the main shutoff is to the house.
Water Lady
: That ain’t it.
Sheriff Joe
: Tampering with a water meter is a capital offense. Please place your hands on your desk. No sudden movements.

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