Too Close to Home

Geez. Never hear of that happening before. Well, the death part. No word on whether a 5 iron was involved.

Boy dies after being accidentally struck by golf club

Canadian Press

Jul. 22, 2005 10:13 AM

WETASKIWIN,Alberta – A six-year-old boy was taken off life support and died Thursday after being accidentally struck by a golf club swung by another child the day before.  Cpl. Suzanne Wannamaker of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said the boy, his brother and a friend had been playing in a park near their homes.  Just as the 10-year-old friend began to swing the club, the six-year-old bent down to pick up a golf ball and was struck in the back of the head.  “It was just an accident,” said Wannamaker. The young child was flown by air ambulance to Edmonton, but his family decided to take him off life support Thursday afternoon.  Wetaskiwin Mayor Don Montgomery said he was “devastated” to hear of the child’s death and admitted that it’s a reminder that golf is not an activity for public parks.  “My own son got hit in the head with a golf club when he was playing with friends out on the farm,” said the mayor. “He was about the same age as that poor boy was. He still has a scar, and he is 28 now. I guess, knowing what happened today, he was lucky.”

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