5 thoughts on “9/10ths

  1. Gee, looks like there’s some room under that speedometer needle yet. Maybe if you got someone to ride in back with a video camera while you really hammered it…

  2. Yes. There was still plenty of power and roads where this was a safe exercise based on no traffic or similarly speeding traffic, road construction (straightish interstates and PERFECTLY straight, empty, open range backroads).
    I think I went about 6 more than what this picture depicts. I am guessing the car will go close to 11/10ths at maximum warp.
    Wifey was in the car and was fully aware of the number, yet allowed a few excursions into (or towards) OMFG-land without the reaction that usually accompanies a 3 over the limit excursion. Relaxed wifey was a capper to a puzzling (in a good way) weekend. More on that later….

  3. Oh and I took this, which is why the max speed of the day isn’t shown.

    Both hands on ther wheel at 90 or above.
    Learn it.
    Know it.
    Live it.

    (At least with wifey in th car)

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