PYT Pretty Young Thing

Sometimes the news is not the pretty sorority girl with rich parents, believe it or not…

Natalee Holloway is dead.  Face it.  There is some missing girl in Philly – gone 10 days (instead of 2+months) who is months pregnant, and left a 7 year old behind.  But, CNN didn’t care until today.  She’s not white and pretty.  Nancy Grace still doesn’t care.

CBS doesn’t care either.  This morning, ace investigative journalist Julie Chen (host of “Big Brother”) interviewed E. Smart’s dad (Mr. Famewhore Smart or something) because of the incredibly more important news that the crazy kidnapper is still crazy after all these years, and, surprisingly, F. Smart is not happy about that.  Plus, there was this exchange:

Chen:  Do you think the Natalee Holloway [dead Aruba girl]  investigation has been handled properly?

Smart:  blah, blah parallels to my case blah blah here more stuff about my situation which has been over for 2 years blah blah

Smart (revised by me to sound more worthy of the name):  How the Fuck should I know?  The location, perpetrators, if any, agencies involved, investigative practices and applicable law are all completely different.  This is the stupidest question you have ever asked (off the set of Big Brother).  Ask an Aruban or some other person with a RELEVANT frame of reference. Plus, that girl is dead.

While the Aruba situation may be tragic, shouldn’t we spend out energy focusing on missing people who may not yet be dead. EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT WHITE AS WONDER BREAD AND PRETTY LIKE BARBIE?! [/rant]

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