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Man Gets Death for Killing Wife After Sex PANAMA CITY, Fla. – A man who got angry with his wife because she wanted to cuddle after sex when what he really wanted to do was watch sports on television was sentenced to death for killing her with a claw hammer.

* * *

“The defendant struck his wife approximately 70 individual blowsafter spending a happy interlude with her,” the judge said. “Her desire to cuddle after sex does not justify the extremely violent, brutal response of the defendant.”

* * *

He confessed to a bartender at a sports bar before his arrest. He told investigators that his wife had been nagging him to come back to bed.

Well, it couldn’t have been that happy of an “interlude.” Or perhaps people don’t understand ESPN addiction. Or maybe this creep was missing the “roll over and go to sleep” gene that keeps most violent cretins from random acts of homicide, at least for a little while. Somehow, I expect mass quantities of Milwaukee’s Best or some Sudafed-based basement pharmaceutical was involved…

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