Bad Santa

I caved and got my kids a cell phone.

It’s my 2 year old one.  They do not even know the number in order to give it out, which is good, because they’re not allowed to give it out.  They do know they cannot ever use it except in an emergency, like being locked out of the house, or a ride fails to show up, or if Mom or Dad calls to check on them.  They also know that I can check every incoming and outgoing call, and that I will yank that bitch in a heartbeat if there is any abuse.

(They also know that I will probably relent in the name of their safety after a brief blowhard episode.)

I figure the kids can use the ego boost to combat all the (well deserved) shit I lay at their doorstep,* plus it is a trust/responsibility lesson, because if I or their schools bust them for misuse, they’re done.  We will trade the phone in in another month, and get them something with a headset, so there won’t be a nukifying the brain with cell phone radiation issue.

*How many times per day should I have to say no $#%@#T@#$@% food in my bedroom?

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