Just Say No to Crack

Theresa Mann is dead after a less than stellar career of high school babe turned tweaker.  The reason most of you have no idea is because her tweaker phase apparently arrived long before it was fashionable.  Word to the wise to you Nicole Richie/Lindsay Lohan crack-dieters.

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2 thoughts on “Just Say No to Crack”

  1. I saw that in the paper the other day, but the obit was really short. I was waiting to see if there was going to be more information. Have you heard more detail? Seems like a disproportionate number of former peers have been dropping lately.

  2. I know from Mr. Chevelle that she walked away from K-PEP (drug probation) a couple years ago, and her picture was, uh, no longer flattering. Drug paybacks (Mann, Crawfish and presumably Mr. Wood (indirectly)) and loathsome diseases (AFAIK, none lately) suck.
    My working assumption is that, like Mr. Crawfish, she was trying to turn a corner but the physical toll of the drugs caught up.

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