One of my turns coming on…

I’m curious, George. WTF were you thinking? At any point?

One thousand days of war, 2,000 killed, $300 billion not paid for by oil revenue and what do we have to show for it?  An impending  Iran clone.

But don’t worry.

But, ignore that, because your SUV takes $100 to fill up (since we’re not getting that Iraqi oil after all.).  Your pocketbook matters more than the Halliburton war to increase terror, doesn’t it?.

Unlike in Iraqistan, where they could give a fuck about money.  It’s the ldeology, stupid.

In other news of the repellant, Cindy Sheehan gets her own swift boat blowhards for Rove.  I’m surprised it took this long.

Fucking George, man.   If a blowjob denial is worth an impeachment, why is the clown prince still behind the wheel driving towards that iceberg?

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