Liquor stores in college town quit selling kegs

Associated Press

Aug. 26, 2005 07:40 AM

MUNCIE, Ind. – Beer drinkers in this college town will have to settle for bottles or cans – more than a dozen liquor stores have quit selling kegs.

The stores are hoping to ditch low profits from kegs, compared with beer sold by the case. Some say they also hope the move will help cut down on alcohol-related violence and accidents.

“The majority of students are very angry because they don’t get why we’re doing this,” said Chris Johnson, manager of Muncie Liquor.

When asked for comment, noted Ball State alumnus and former frat rat Dave Letterman simply burst into tears.

All six of the chain’s stores have been no-keg zones since Saturday. At one store, a popular mural featuring a Ball State University Cardinal with a keg and the logo “Keg Headquarters” has been painted over.

“A keg weighs 165 pounds. That’s a lot of weight for my people to handle,” said Johnson. “It’s tough on our equipment, it’s tearing up our coolers, and I no longer see the profitability of it.”

Save-On Liquor also has quit selling kegs at its six stores in Muncie, and Friendly Package has joined in as well.

But some beer drinkers – particularly those of college age – don’t understand why the stores would quit selling a product that is sought-after, profitable or not.

“You tell kids at other schools that you go to Ball State, and now you’re going to hear, ‘You mean that school where you can’t buy a keg?'” said senior Aaron Shepard.

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