Sock is The Answer…..

Yes, our favorite puppet is 42 – now been able to drink legally for more than half his life.


6 thoughts on “Sock is The Answer…..

  1. FYI, OG:
    How it apparently works is that you, as a “trusted poster” can post your own content and can determine how to categorize it and whether to keep it. I, being mondo-omnipotent, or at least having quasi-omnipotent administrator powers, can edit your posts as I see fit.
    This is not something I intend to do generally, but if you are worried whether something you might be inclined to write might cross some imaginary and ever shifting line, you needn’t worry – I’ll fix it. So, feel free to fire away with whatever is on your mind at any time.

  2. I appreciate the added emphasis. I thought about doing that after I posted, but didn’t have time to see if I could edit. Glad you could.

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