Fuck you Notre Dame

Fucking Catholic Fuckers

dear Touch down Jesus: KISS MY ASS

Yes, I am enraged. It’s bad enough that Chad “Navarre” Henne stinks up the joint, but to lose to those colossal pricks, well just cut off my nuts, roast ‘em and feed ‘em to the abbey rats why don’t you.



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  1. I had to watch the game with the Notre Dame fan husband of one of my wife’s best friends. He was one of those rare Notre Dame fans who isn’t an asshole before, during or after the game. He even bought me some Bell’s, which is apparently readily available in Chicago. The fact that he’s a good guy didn’t make it any better. The game was just all-around ugly.
    Looks like another season of mediocrity.

  2. Chad Navarre really stunk up the joint. The receivers apparently need to grow longer arms for those 6 feet above you throws and an extra set of hands at their ankles, becaued he couldn’t hit anything in between if the game depended on it – which of course it did.
    On the bright side, the Buffs are 2-0