Checkmate in 10 days: Fire George on 9/24

Checkmate in 10 days: Fire George on 9/24

On 9/24 the citizens of Bushville, DC and the Marchers will peacefully encircle the White House to Fire George.

We will shout “SHASHAME SHAME…” the whole crowd in synch, waving pink slips at him, over and over for as long as it takes.

Spend 10 minutes today spreading

Doesn’t it feel good to say “Fire George!” – to type ?

George has no shame – he’s the Fear President. But surrounded by 100,000 Americans chanting their “SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! …” he will shrink like a bully.  It will send him scuttling out of town.

We will call that ring of Americans the Circle of Pride.

Like a cur in a dogfight, the beast is wounded now. We’re angry and we know why. We will do whatever it takes to roust him ASAP. This man kills children without a qualm.

Our honor as a people is stained every second this sad little man squats sweating in the basement of the Why House.

We are called The Home of the Brave. We’ve got children to protect, people. Let’s end George’s dreadful reign now through direct and forceful nonviolent action.

Join us at the Circle of Pride around the Why House on 9/24.

You will be part of history. The day you fired the worst president will be your proudest memory.

The Greatest Generation charged bullets on the sands of Normandy and Tarawa. Unless each of us travels to Washington DC on 9/24 and ends this sad era we will be known as the Generation of Shame.

1,000,000 people in the Circle of Pride would seal George’s fate.

We elected this murderous bungler. Let’s reclaim the honor of America.

Be at the Circle of Pride on 9/24 and send this bastard packing.

If you can’t be there, help spread the word in any way you can.

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