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I confessed to being a perpetrator of mind control. Now that you have read this, I must kill you.

Name: Dr. Evil

Will you tell us what you or they want from us? Your labor, your resources, your loyalty, your souls. And money, because you monkeys will do anything for that.

Will you tell us why you are a harassment agent? Some guy named George recruited while in the Alabama National Guard in the 1970s.

Will you tell us what you know about future plans for us? You will not like it. More of the same. We’re looking at in vitro implantation. Canine testing is in process. you will see potty trained puppies; we will see your servient future.

Are you also controlled? I am not allowed to answer.

Are you in fear for your life? Only if you people wake up. Or ever learn to vote iincumbents out of power. Or start resisting the “credit card crack.” I will start holding my breath now.

Did you get trapped into doing what you do? I volunteered, after failed careers in business where no one respected my inherent superiority or carefully drawn out plans to accumulate power and wealth and other things.

Do you enjoy your work? Absolutely. The perks are unbeatable, especially the controlled college age hotties.

Are there any questions or comments you have? Resistance is futile. Get used to it.

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