HOF to Simmons, Stanley and a couple of studio performers: FOAD, beotch

Gene Simmons
Lick it up

The new class of potential inductees was announced, and once again, KISS wasn’t on it.

Mellencamp nominated for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

  • Do I care? Not that much.
  • Is KISS  simply a bad “Paul and Gene, plus 2 other guys” lounge act these days? Yes.
  • Is it ridiculous to exclude them? Yes.

Dressing like post-apocalypse tranny hookers and adopting “Blow shit up” as a substitute for musical genius has got to count for something. Without Kiss, the whole 80s hairband/ mascara phase would not have – wait, I am killing my argument – never mind.

Anyway, they’re fun to watch, like train wrecks or Bush speaking without cue cards. And, unlike so many manufactured “artists,” they play their own instruments, create their own stuff, and you couldn’t invent their inherent, sincere weirdness. Show them some love, you heartless HOF bastards.

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