Hey, Green Day…

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  1. Off topic, but important…Search on site for the following subjects alarmingly yeilds no results: (a) catalog and categorize: newspaper delivery plan modification experimentation; (b) position statement: why highbacked wing style chairs are better than other chairs; (c) “Otis”.

  2. #1 would be subject to a hearsay objection if I remarked on it.
    #2 left me puzzled.
    #3 is a bitch. That much I’m sure of.
    As the undisputed king of all I survey, I have granted you authoring privileges if you would like to add your own purely fictional accounts of imagined events.

  3. #1. Excuse the memory fade/blur/lapse/gap/defect. Please replace and substitute the erroneous reference with a reference to a purportedly defective Delco product, the defect of which was responsible for the need to run the associated engine at high rpms in an attempt to overcome an allegedly weak direct current deficiency that purportedly allowed for less optimal illumination output than was intended by the manufacturer under normal circumstances, and inconistent with prevailing dictates of local legal rules.
    #2. I am sure you have an opinion on this matter. For example, my own personal opinion is that highbacked wing chairs are inherently better than low-backed chairs because they afford their user greater comfort, inasmuch as comfort can be sometimes measured by one’s ability to enjoy certain inalienable rights outlined by Jefferson at the birth of our nation, such as the right to privacy. As far as other rights are concerned, Life and Liberty are not necessarily directly involved, but perhaps can be said to be within the penumbra of the concept, while the pursuit of happiness would appear to have a greater and quite direct conceptual nexus in this setting to the central principal evoked by my thesis.
    #3 We should all have an Otis.
    Lastly, with the greatest degree of humility, Oh Kingly One, I receive the treasured gift of Author Priviledges, the Heavy Mantel of which I seek to Honourably bear, with the Greatest devotion to the cause of the Crown. I shall tell tales of your greatness throughout the land.

  4. Aha
    Yes, the tale of newspapers and spontaneous combustion (and other perils) belongs, I think, to the legend of Mr. Starfire
    Your revised and supplemental # 1 was addressed here, See “H.”
    #2 was debated at great length in a separate website devoted solely to that discussion. Due to pending proceedings, the author/participant decided to absent those recollections from the collected wisdom of the Internet.
    However, I completely agree, in theory, with your thesis.
    #3 Cogito ergo Otis.
    Enjoy the license to ill. Few mortals have received it. Fewer still have wielded it. It’s like Excalibur. Or a George Bush veto.

  5. What a bitch that Otis is. It is not every bus driver who would conceed to make an unscheduled stop on the highway so that odd derelicts may board your vessel and commence merriment. The only possible way that he could have improved his godlike visage would be to make a 10 mile detour in order to resupply said vessel with spirits so sorely needed. Oh yeah, it is done. What term trumps godlike?

  6. Did that bus really go to the VC for beers. For some reason that image popped into my head.
    The superlative form of “godlike” in those sorts of circumstances is generally considered to be “phidlike.”

  7. We should get an appropriate three day itinerary, an Otis, and one of these:
    [Ed.: Link deleted because the SEO mole people at uscoachways< .>com complained about a link in a 10 year old comment, and in a rare show of adulthood, we chose to cooperate rather than issue the usual GFY response.]
    Don’t know if they make you use their driver or not, but we could always insist that his nametag say: “Otis”.
    P.S. I intend to learn how to author posts and insert links properly very soon.

  8. plus entertainment befitting the solemnity and decorum of the excursion.
    I have always been a patron of the arts – interpretive dance and various forms of performance art. Perhaps there are some aspiring young prodigies out there, looking for their next endowment.

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