It’s a @#^@%#^#%$^$^ touchdown

(Unless you’re a Spartan, running back a phantom fumble to fake-tie the score.)

F***ing replay.

Stupid Lions, leaving it to the refs to screw them out of a win they tried to give away to Brian Fricking Griese.


Pollard slides out of bounds AFTER the catch

7 thoughts on “It’s a @#^@%#^#%$^$^ touchdown

  1. he is sliding out. Caught, touched in endzone, slid out. They called it a TD on the field, then reversed it because it wasn’t clear.
    Which is the exact opposite application of the rule as what is supposed to happen.

  2. I’ve always hated the idea of college football play review, if only because I would like to hold on to the admittedly naive notion that college football is an amateur sport. It just shouldn’t matter that much if a few calls are wrong. In fact, half the fun of CF is the talk around the water cooler on Monday – complaining about getting ripped off, razzing Notre Dame fans about having refs and AP writers on their payroll and the like. Replay is probably the last nail in the amateur coffin. Big Money rules more than ever. Might as well start paying the players in the open now.

  3. True, but the Lions call was made on the same weekend that Big 10 officials started ruling on the basis of some sixth sense regarding QB intent rather than following the rule book (arm moving forward = forward pass unless you can somehow divine the intent not to pass) Sorry for the lack of contiuity in my bitching. I meant to do this last week, but was temporarily stymied by my own latent luditity.

  4. By all means, bitch in whatever way you deem best. I agree on the MSU “fumble,” but since the game ended in a W, I withheld my ire.

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