5 thoughts on “WE OWN… PENN STATE

  1. ‘Bout effing time they win one the way they’ve lost the others. I almost felt sorry for Joe Pa. But then I thought about how he used to run the score up on weakling opponents by leaving in first stringers ’til the very end back when Penn State was independant. Karma, baby.

  2. I shut off the game when they stripped Henne for the TD, then came back for the last 28/30 “I know how this is going to end” seconds.
    JoePa is old and busted. His postgame bit was pretty lame. I enjoyed watching the looney fringe of PSU fans and their referree payoff theories. Some of these clowns wnat out of the Big 10, because the rest of the conference has it in for PSU.

  3. We watched the last few minutes at a restaurant with the in-laws, celebrating the oldest spawn’s 15th Bday. The TV was changed to the ND game right after UM scored, so I didn’t get to see JoePa’s post game performance.

  4. There was nothing to see. He was all pissy in his presser, and did not make his players available for comment. Cried like a baby on the team bus to the airport, claiming “those damn UM grad referees suck ass – they hate us because we’re pretty.”
    I made up that last part (not that it isn’t eerily close to the truth or anything).

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