“I am the stupidest person alive”


Nicole Richie doesn’t regret trying heroin Associated Press Nov. 1, 2005 03:15 PM

NEW YORK – Nicole Richie wouldn’t say no if she went back in time and had a second chance to try heroin [because she lacks an actual brain].Richie tells Jane magazine that given a second chance, she “probably would” try heroin again because that’s her personality [flaw requiring her to fuck up repeatedly, as the spoiled child of privilege. And as an airhead].After going to rehab, Richie’s fine now [like any other junkie would be after a couple weeks of methadone.  At least until she starts jonesing.  In 5… 4… 3…]] and is planning her [doomed] wedding. She says she wants five kids: three girls and twin boys[, because the world obviously needs more crack babies.  Plus, you can just pick and choose stuff like twins and gender distribution].


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