While I’m Gone….

2 thoughts on “While I’m Gone….

  1. how dare you call yourself raoul duke. absolutely tasteless and disgusting. shameless. i hope your readers know of the great Hunter S. Thompson, although i suspect that many do not. i recommend that you change your name immediately, unless you think it is honorably to use someone’s name (presumably without permission) after they have passed. i hope you rot in hell you unoriginal bastard

  2. A – My website, my rules.
    B – I do not need permission. Reading the legal mumbo jumbo comes in handy here.
    C – It is not his name or a pen name, it is the name of an alias or alter ego. If you had the barest understanding of a messenger puppet, or a sock puppet in general, you might understand the point.
    D – I was using “Raoul Duke” as an alias since the 1980s. If you read some of the articles, you might understand how this could come in handy. Fake name; paid in cash. What could possibly go wrong?
    Besides, wouldn’t a “twisted attempt of flattery” be the only appropriate kind?
    E – STFU

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