Somewhere else, a fat lady sang

4 thoughts on “Somewhere else, a fat lady sang

  1. I’m thinking about petitioning the NCAA to make the 4th quarter in football games 14 minutes long. If they had done that this year, Michigan would be 10-1.

  2. They would have also won the Sugar Bowl (1983 season) against Bo Jackson 7-6.
    The problem with your proposal is losing 25-21 to Penn State and Grandpa Joe.
    Actually, I am OK with this season. I do want, for OC Malone and DC Herrman (German for “the man”), to see their heads on pikes at the stadium gates. But, notwithstanding the coaching incompetence, the team was always competitive, and always in a position to win (until they stepped on their own dicks with crappy defensive strategies or the sublime brilliance of runs up the middle on 2nd and 18). It’s not like they took one big loss, wet the bed and gave up on the season. Like Michigan State. Again.

  3. I agree. I’m not all that upset either, especially given the rotten luck in the injury department. Few, if any, teams out there could sustain the losses on the O line that Michigan did, and still be able to be competitive in all their games against some (arguably) good opponents. Also, I’m not quite as down on Herrman (technically Mr. Man). I think generally, the poor defense at the end of games was in large part due to the rediculously conservative play calling on offense, meaning that the defense was on the field way too long and getting tired. That’s my two cent’s worth anyway.

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