f***ing cornholers

N stands for nawledge.

CU in Shreveport or some other toilet bowl, after Iowa State kills Kansas and takes CU’s place in the Big 12 Championship.


Oh well, maybe we’ll get lucky and have a Michgan colorado matchup in the Alamo Bowl.  Wouldn’t THAT be cool?

8 thoughts on “F U N U

  1. The problem with the game is we didn’t show up. Yes, I blame NU for making us look bad, but you deserve it just for being you.
    Anyway Barnett is out. so we can get back on track and return NU to our (21st century only) beotch next year. Unlike NU, WE fire losers and hire successful coaches, while you apparently do the opposite. That’s what makes the loss sting – giving f***ing 17th choice Callahan an easy win.
    Michigan will own you in the Alamo Bowl. At least they better.

  2. I may be a Husker (born, raised, graduated & degreed (twice)), but I’m also a Bronco fan, which is tough here where they assume you’re a Chiefs (GAG!) fan…
    So are you a fan of the lamentedly late Dr. HS Thompson?

  3. We allow Huskers here, as long as you can take (mostly) good natured shots during football season. One of my good friends from the Drug Food days and his wife did their undergrad at NU. Of course, they’re both stuck in crappy dead end retail jobs, but that probably has more to do with the toiletified economy of the region than the education from 15 or 20 years ago.
    Yay Broncos. At least you are not surrounded by Raider fans. KC (the team) has some class, and is a fricking tough place to play in December.
    I discovered HST in the early 80s and was instantly and forever hooked – like intellectual crack. The later works lost some of the edge, but I still ate it up.

  4. I decided to register instead of being trollishly “anonymous”… the CU/NU animosity notwithstanding, I think we agree on a lot of other things…

  5. Like:
    OU can KMA? ND? Miami?
    I don’t hate UNL. I thought about it for grad school, but CU’s program had more going for it. Plus, Boulder > Lincoln for me. Mountains > *.
    I just hate Huskerball, but it’s a good healthy hate, borne of grudging respect and jealousy. (Until you hired Callahan, the Wade Phillips of professional head coaches.) Then, it was like the Broncos being beat by the Houston Texans – all WTF? How could we lose to this guy? What evil voodoo is at work here?

  6. add Penn State to the list…
    I’m not too thrilled with Callahan, but there’s no way our mo-ron AD will fire him, after all the embarrassing BS of the last coach search.
    Looking around at other topics, I think we have a similar perspective on politics… Lucky me, I’m “blue” & stuck in one of the reddest of the red states (at least it’s not OK or UT)

  7. Aaah, Penn State. Ugly uniforms, ugly losers: “you paid the refs or else we would have won”
    Ol’ Bill was supposed to be bringing in the $ for the Osborne palace. I suspect that is not the case, especially after last season. Assuming that 30-3 is more of a reflection of CU’s late season suckage rather than NU’s resurgence, I am happy to have him stay, but man, what a fiasco – canning (usually) 9-3 Frank for “Thank God for the Alamo Bowl” 8th choice Bill. An embarassing chapter in an otherwise proud story.
    My sympathies on the political wasteland. 2008 cannot come soon enough.

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