In New England, Everyone Calls You Dave


From Random House:

David Rakoff has a gift for exposing the humor and the pathos behind both cherished cultural traditions and hot social trends and obsessions. FRAUD brings together Rakoff’s peerless commentaries for “This American Life,” clever parodies and other pieces created for Salon, (all rewritten and updated for the book), and new essays inspired by Rakoff’s most recent adventures as a peripatetic reporter.

To be honest, I don’t care much about/for the “I am so gay that I don’t belong anywhere outside of New York” POV. It ain’t because he’s gay. Or Jewish. Or terrified of half-eaten salamanders. (Because that is my boss Marty, and he would fit in perfectly in all these spots.)

Whatever else he may be, Monk – er – “Dave” IS funny. Sometimes laugh out loud funny, like when he pantses Steven Segal, who is apparently related to Quentin on Nip/Tuck. Or when he moons God from on top of a mountain, wearing Payless Burlyman brand plastic boots. God respects that.

6 of 10 for subject matter, 9 of 10 for style. 3 points for being a better, funnier writer than me.

Damn you, Dave.

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