To Do, 2006

Stuff on my radar, In no particular order:

  • Books.  It won’t kill me to read non-lawyer stuff that isn’t in a car magazine.  It’s been a year (almost) since HST.  It’s time to move on
  • The Shield.  01.10.06
  • New digs/threads/furnishings.At the same time, less accumulated crap.
  • Anybody want a dog? Fish? Lizards (they’re not just for breakfast anymore)?  Huge furniture?
  • No Ruts.  No Baggage. No Fear.  No Limits. No Regrets. I have this tattooed on my ass.  Or should.  (It’s so hard to tell.)
  • Vino. It’s not all about Coors Light.  My tongue burst into flames just saying that out loud.
  • More …

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