My busy day

Ok, I saw Narnia yesterday with the kiddies.  Long.  Not King Kong long, like every Peter Jackson movie ever, but still, 2 1/2 hours was a marathon.  Violent, but not LOTR gory.  Bear observed that it was “good, but no Star Wars.”  Bear is very perceptive.  Also, very obssessed with the Star Wars.  “No, you cannot change your name to Anakin!!!”

Simba kicked ass.  No sign of that silly Benson monkey, though.  Lots of CGI and goat people. 

Maybe it would have helped if I read the book first.  Barnes and Noble had 37 different versions of the same Narnia story.  OTOH, they had zero versions of this:

4 thoughts on “My busy day

  1. If you come to Michigan you can borrow my copy – I think you’ll enjoy it. I want to read A Walk in the Woods next.

  2. You should escape, too. I have room. No fog, no rain, no clouds. You can always drive to snow. Or to Vegas, which is like 2 hrs past the snow place.

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